QE2 Dartford Bridge

Dartford Bridge


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Dartford, Kent

Project Description

This project involved removing and replacing 190 new lighting columns on this iconic bridge, including the replacement of LED energy saving lanterns.

The greatest challenge was accessing the bolt clusters which were situated on the outside of the safety barrier, which was solved using roped access trained operatives and equipment.

The winter weather conditions and T.M constraints threatened to delay the operation but the scheme was successfully delivered on programme.

MSF was an integral part of the delivery team for the QEII Dartford Bridge Lighting Upgrade scheme which took place over the winter months of 2016/17. They were encouraging and forthcoming with their proposals at ECI stage which continued into the operational works. With the removal of existing columns and installation of new columns, lanterns and traffic signs, MSF had to overcome the numerous challenges presented by the bridge, which were accomplished through a collaborative relationship with Connect Plus Services, Jackson Civil Engineering and MWay. Throughout the process, the methodology and risk mitigation were fully explored and implemented to the highest standards. All installation work was carried out professionally, safely and efficiently which enabled the contract to be completed ahead of programme, therefore securing a trusted relationship with its clients.

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