Traffic Signs

Gantry Signs

A gantry sign is a traffic sign assembly where the sign itself is mounted on an overhead support. Gantry signage is primarily used on high traffic roads with lanes where verge signage would be difficult for all drivers to see, including motorways and dual carriageways.

In addition to a standard gantry plain text sign, MSF is adept in fitting variable message signs and active traffic management signage, to close lanes due to accidents, or workforce in road, and to specify temporary speed limits.

Passive Signs

A passive sign is a traffic sign that is designed to break apart on impact to reduce injury to a road user in the event of an impact. MSF can supply passively safe complete sign posts, assemblies, gantries and lighting columns.


MSF’s fast approach to helping our clients is never more useful than when it comes to erecting scheme boards to showcase your project and communicate your message to the public. These signs can be personalised or generic, a small fixture for pedestrians or larger and more complex for roads users. Whatever your message, we’ll deliver it.

Vehicle Activated Signs

From the installation of the post, to the ducting/ cabling, termination and programming of the sign face, MSF can offer the complete vehicle activated signage solution for your scheme in accordance with the full range of specifications to hand.

Verge Signs

MSF can design, supply and install verge signs to the highest quality, maintaining a safe and cost effective service from the beginning to the end. Verges come in all shapes and gradients, so our experience ensures that even the most intricate designs involving pre-cast and steel reinforced concrete foundations are carefully planned and constructed to a specialist standard.